The gold spot is the last thing you see before a movie starts at any (I think every) cinema in the UK. So, it’s a prime opportunity to do something slightly different.

Yan & Luke started this series of “gold spot” ads for Orange when they were at Mother, and did every spot until this one (since they’ve left Mother and now work at WCRS). Personally, I’ve always thought they were genius – rather than banging on about some benefit, they made me like Orange (the message was about turning your phone off during the movie, rather than any offer/sales message). I even went on to buy a phone from Orange after seeing it (back when they started) – absolute proof of effectiveness!

When they left, they cheekily left the legendary Orange Film Board crew possible dead in this final spot… Funny enough even if you didn’t know the backstory on it.

Now, someone else has picked up the mantle and written this one…

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As ever, with my usual bias openly admitted, I do wonder whether this new spot couldn’t have been slightly more than just another spot – without the limits of being in the pitch setting where it all started (with spots like this one)…

Not to be unnecessarily mean, since it’s a great ad in itself, but what about the ending of the last one – don’t we need a bit of an explanation or some nod to the helicopter accident? Should there be more of the original film board in it? Stuff like that.

Hell, it’s not that I didn’t like it way more than most of the ads you see today. It’s just I wanted more. Greedily expected a bit more ‘new’ from them… something that stepped it up again. I still laughed out loud when the police cars pitched up, though.

So, I’ll end by saying “Watch it. It’s great.” And I look forward to seeing what comes next…


And, now, just for kicks, here are some more I picked up on YouTube… If you have more of them, let me know… these are collectors pieces to a sad man like myself!