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Steve Jobs has openly published a manifesto piece on music rights for the world to read.

And, it’s by far the smartest move played in a while… he’s effectively (and very persuasively) thrown the question back to the record labels.

Read the full text here

Worth reading to know more about Apple’s position on music and DRM, but also because it’s such a well-written argument. Passionate, but rigidly persuasive.

Personally, I think he’s right.
Open up DRM and make it a free for all.
The people who are downloading music without paying are doing it anyway.
Maybe you could even cut the cost of the music if you didn’t have to invest in DRM?

However, while they’re changing things, it’s high time the quality improved.
Buy a track on iTunes and a CD – listen to both… you’ll find the download is noticeably inferior.
At least, IMHO!

So, full support to Apple.
But give us better quality!