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Talking to Miami Ad School students for the third year, it felt time to change the topic.
This talk covers thoughts around Big Data, Addressable Media and Creativity, leading into a look at Facebook advertising capabilities… but it’s really intended as a challenge for the students to think up new ideas in the world of advertising/marketing that will grab this new technology with a creative idea that makes it all worthwhile.

“Big Data will open the door to making smarter
decisions in every field of human activity”

(The New York Times, March 23, 2013)

Despite the quote above, which hints to the promise of this new world, there’s not enough impact from Big Data on marketing as yet. Like Andy Nairn wrote recently (sadly, I read this in Campaign on my return), I can’t help but feel the capabilities of Big Data haven’t yet been used to produce great work, except in the very rarest cases. Although I’m of the mind that it’s got as much to do with the new media capabilities made possible by data, rather than simply being about Big Data itself.

This is a massive opportunity for both planners and creatives. And, frankly, it’s what we’re striving for every day at Fabric – our Creative Shop and Data Platform.
I based a lot of this presentation on an article originally written for The Directory, so a lot of what I talked about ran along similar lines. And is a good reference point if the slides aren’t telling you the whole story…