This page has been in limbo for way too long now, so as part of this overall refresh, I’m trying to add a bit of substance to it!

In many ways, I think the first thing anyone investigating planning should do is to check out the planning wiki, which you can find here.

But then, I think you should also start reading some books. And the ones I always recommend to people are these:

1. How to plan advertising (Edited by Don Cowley).
You can get this from the APG

2. Truth, Lies and Advertising (By Jon Steel).
You can get that on UK Amazon or on US Amazon

3. Juicing the Orange (By Pat Fallon and Fred Senn)
Again, you can find that on UK Amazon or US Amazon

4. Hoopla (The book of Crispin Porter & Bogusky written with Warren Berger)
Which you can find over here in the UK at Amazon or over in the US at Amazon

There are also a host of blogs to read nowadays. Make sure you include Russell Davies’ earlier writings in your research and don’t miss Richard Huntington’s blog whatever you do. After that, you’re on your own – there’s a full list down the right side of my blog, but new ones pop up all the time and we’ve even begun to get people who are ditching blogging.

Finally, read the industry press – Campaign, Creativity, Ad Week and Ad Age are all a valuable insight to what the industry is doing, discussing and what matters in our little world!